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Featured Artist Carolyn Miller

Denver resident Carolyn Miller is the 2014 Golden Fine Arts Festival’s Featured Artist. Her painting Survivors will be featured on all Festival posters, t-shirts and collateral.

Survivors depicts a Colorado aspen grove bathed in the even light of a cloudy day.  While the patterns on the aspens are compelling, there is a story behind them. Elk feed on aspens, leaving bands of scars as high and low as the elk can reach. The elk survive because of this food source and some times the aspen survive because the tree isn’t girdled completely by the browsing elk.

“I came across the aspen grove outside Gunnison and painted Survivors from this ‘local tone day,’ when the sky was cloudy and offered uniform light on the subtle value changes in the aspen grove,” recalls Miller.  “Aspens are a favorite subject because of the way they absorb and reflect light depending on the source of light. The addition of the bands of texture and the ideal conditions made this painting a symphony of shapes and values.”

Miller is a former high school art teacher, then stay at home mother to two daughters.  She returned to painting gradually by taking classes with some of her favorite Colorado artist. 

“I’m doing what I absolutely love,” said Miller. “For many years, it was a challenge to make time to paint. The ability to focus so intently on my painting came at the perfect time in my life and I’m enjoying every moment whether painting in my studio or on location in Italy.”

Miller has exhibited at the Golden Fine Arts Festival twice before, “I love the interactions, questions, comments, and most of all, when someone finds something I created that they want to live with. You envision that painting as a part of their lives. It’s very gratifying to experience.”

She also noted, “The Golden Fine Arts Festival is very special for the artists. It’s run by people who care as much about serving the artists as they do the visitors and that makes it very highly regarded in the artist community.”

For more information on Miller’s paintings, visit her website,

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